Nicholas Milne

viola da gamba

chamber music

'The Puncke's Delight'

Music for one and two lyra viols by William Corkine, Thomas Ford, Alfonso Ferrabossco, and Tobias Hume.

'French Baroque Music from the Court of Versailles'

Music by Marais, Forqueray and Rameau, including the pieces 'La Gamme' and 'Sonnerie'.

'Bohemia to Bach - the Fantastical Journey of the Sonata'

Sonatas by Buxtehude, Biber and Bach for viola da gamba, harpsichord & violin.

'The French Connection'

A progamme based around Telemann's 'Paris Quartets' showing the cultural influence of the French Baroque style on German composers.

solo programmes

'Le Histoire de la Viole'

Includes works by Hottman, DeBuisson, DeMachy, St Colombe, Marin Marais and Antoine Forqueray.

'Bach's Works for the Viola da Gamba'

JS Bach's 3 sonatas for viola da gamba and obbligato harpsichord.

'The Leero Way'

Works by Corkine, Stoeffken and Hume for the 'lyra viol'.

'Sadness and Spleandour'

Divisions 'a la bastarda' by Rognoni, Bonnizzi et al.

Additional programmes available on request.